Hydrogen Compression Study - Gassco

REINERTSEN New Energy has been awarded a study to perform a technology search and identify potential technical solutions and cost estimates for compression of hydrogen, to demonstrate and provide a platform for further development of hydrogen export from Norway to Europe.

The hydrogen compression plant will be the world’s largest facility of its kind and will draw upon the latest developments in compression technology.

As a partner in the Joint Industry Project “Low Carbon Energy Hub” Gassco is investigating technical solutions for pipeline export of hydrogen, both blue and green, from large scale production on the west coast of Norway to potential exit points in Europe.

REINERTSEN New Energy has worked with hydrogen production and related technology since 2011 and provides engineering solutions to the hydrogen value chain. Serving as the independent engineer to global gas pioneers, we embark on a new and clean industrial adventure. - for those that come after us and the world they will live in.