REINERTSEN New Energy shall contribute to reduced climate gas emissions from production and use of oil and gas.

We apply our extensive expertise and experience to deliver studies, engineering and project management in subsea and process facilities, focusing on reducing the CO₂ footprint.

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About us

REINERTSEN New Energy AS (RENE) and the daughter company HYDROGEN Mem-Tech AS (HMT) was established by Torkild R. Reinertsen, former owner and CEO of REINERTSEN AS.

The new company continues the proud 35-year history of Reinertsen, delivering high-quality engineering and management services to the oil and gas companies.

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Emission free hydrogen production

REINERTSEN New Energy has developed concepts for clean hydrogen production with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

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Job opportunities

Process / Mechanical engineers - Low-emission and hydrogen technology Open application

Contact us

HR Manager

Johan Fredrik Bratt
+47 480 38 910

Marketing Director

Thomas Reinertsen
+47 930 90 494


Geir T. Suul
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