Clean Highly Efficient Offshore Power Carbon Capture – (CHEOP-CC)

Client: CRM Prototech / Schedule: 2017/18

Study to define a membrane separation unit for integration in the Prototech concept for energy production for offshore applications based on fuel cell technology (CHEOP-CC). The system is based on steam reforming of natural gas with continuous hydrogen separation across the hydrogen separation membrane.

The hydrogen is used as fuel for HT-PEM fuel cells, and the remaining carbon-rich gas is used as fuel for SOFC, which generates heat that can be used to drive the reforming process.

A Palladium based H2 membrane is used to separate ~70% of the hydrogen for the HT-PEM system which is one of the key features for the overall mass reduction compared to a standard SOFC system. Subsystem requirements as well as cost analysis was included in the study.