Our operations

REINERTSEN New Energy AS carries out engineering, design, planning and construction of oil and gas production and processing facilities subsea and topside, including hydrogen production plants and facilities for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

REINERTSEN New Energy AS is a independent supplier to the oil and gas companies, designing concepts according to the customers' specific needs, preferably as a system integrator or a system architect.

REINERTSEN New Energy AS is a supplier throughout the value chain, from feasibility studies to execution and operation.

Process facilities

REINERTSEN New Energy is a multidiscipline engineering and technology provider of process facilities for the oil and gas industry, offshore and onshore. Engineering expertise is the cornerstone of our business, and our technological experience and expertise is the basis for our technical and cost-effective solutions. In addition, our engineers' knowledge, experience and skills in project management and control ensure that our projects are delivered on time and within the agreed budget. Within Process facilities, REINERTSEN New Energy specializes in 3 areas

Modifications to offshore process facilities is a core business, and our engineering staff have experience from the following projects; Maria to Kristin, Oseberg Delta 2, Heidrun LPP, Svalin (Grane), Heidrun LPP, Njord LPP & Hyme, Troll B gas injection, Morvin and Tyrihans, Heimdal NPG, Oseberg Delta and Skirne Byggve (Heimdal).

Subsea / SURF

REINERTSEN New Energy supply Subsea / SURF services that include all areas from reservoir, well systems, subsea production systems, subsea infrastructure to the processing plant. The subsurface area is covered through a long-term cooperation with Prores AS, located in the same premises as REINERTSEN New Energy.

REINERTSEN New Energy is a product independent supplier of services to the oil companies in the following areas: