About us

REINERTSEN New Energy AS (RENE) and the daughter company HYDROGEN Mem-Tech AS (HMT) was established by Torkild R. Reinertsen, former owner and CEO of REINERTSEN AS.

The new company continues the proud 35-year history of Reinertsen, delivering high-quality engineering and management services to the oil and gas companies.

Many senior colleagues have joined the new companies . In addition, senior specialists previously working for Equinor and NTNU within mid– and downstream, have joined REINERTSEN New Energy.

Torkild Reinertsen - Founder and Chairman of the Board

Health, environment, and safety

REINERTSEN New Energy shall be leading within HSE. We are continuously aiming at developing a positive HSE culture and safe conduct in our activities, in such a way that accidents, loss or injuries to people, environment or material/equipment do not occur. We believe that a systematic approach to HSE will contribute to increased efficiency and profitability.

REINERTSEN New Energy works in accordance with a management system containing HSE methods and procedures to be used by all our employees. This is in accordance with our HSE policy.

Health and working environment

REINERTSEN New Energy’s goal is that all employees shall thrive and that no one shall take harm from the execution of their work. We have a well established HSE organization in accordance with current laws and regulations. The organization includes a HSE&Q department that strengthens the cooperation and interaction between management and projects.


REINERTSEN New Energy implements legislation regarding the environment and improvement of environment efficiency. Our management system is designed in accordance with the requirements of the environmental standard ISO 14001.

Safety and security

In addition to goals regarding zero accidents, loss or injuries to people, damage to material and environment, REINERTSEN New Energy’s goal is that all facilities, documentation and IT-systems are satisfactory secured. Activities are implemented to ensure correct methods and to direct our work towards critical areas. REINERTSEN New Energy has established an emergency preparedness system. At REINERTSEN New Energy, all employees are to take active part in achieving our HSE goals and in the development of the company’s management system and HSE culture.

Quality and certificates

REINERTSEN New Energy shall contribute to generate added value for its customers. This means that we focus on quality assurance in all our deliveries. REINERTSEN New Energy has established a management system in accordance with current laws and regulations. The system is ISO 9001 certified and is valid for all our activities.

The management system is developed based on the experience obtained through the execution of many projects. Compliance to the system assures that REINERTSEN New Energy manages its tasks in a consistent way and in accordance with a well-established process. The management system represents our best practice. It contributes to continuous improvements of our product quality and is a fundamental part of our work to achieve the goals in our quality policy.


REINERTSEN New Energy is ISO 9001 certified by Kiwa Teknologisk Institutt Sertifisering AS.

Supplier qualifications

REINERTSEN New Energy is qualified as a supplier in EPIM JQS : the oil industry’s supplier registry, and Achilles JQS.

Ethics and sustainability

At REINERTSEN New Energy we are concerned about our appearance and behavior. REINERTSEN New Energy shall have a corporate culture characterized by openness, trust, honesty, integrity and respect. Our employees shall act and behave ethically appropriate towards the surroundings and the society. Hereunder lies the recognition of REINERTSEN New Energy as an important corporate entity which considers its surroundings in the performance of the business activities.

Rules of business ethics

It is important to maintain a high business ethical standard in all our activities. REINERTSEN New Energy has established a set of ethical rules that supports our business culture, ensuring that all employees work according to the same values.

The rules are an integral part of the REINERTSEN New Energy management system and apply to all employees, board members, contractors, and anyone acting on behalf of REINERTSEN New Energy. A guideline with examples, complementing the business ethical rules, is also established. The ethical requirements of REINERTSEN New Energy are based on the corporate values.


Ambitious – Competent – Drive


In REINERTSEN New Energy, we always challenge ourselves to go further. Combining curiosity and creativity help us find new and better solutions for our clients. Continuous development is our key to success. Progress inspires every one of us to seek to deliver the best solutions, at agreed cost and schedule, every day.


We are engineers and specialists with a high competence level and wide experience. We work in multidiscipline teams throughout the value chain. The interaction of competencies strengthens our competitiveness, and provides a good basis for innovative and cost-effective solutions, generating added value for our clients.


REINERTSEN New Energy is a family-owned business which allows for quick decision-making as well as a long-term and strategic approach to value creation. The flexibility of our organization creates a drive for improvement, and a drive to seize new market opportunities.