Our history

REINERTSEN New Energy AS (RENE) and its subsidiary HYDROGEN Mem-Tech AS (HMT) were established by Torkild R. Reinertsen, former owner and CEO of REINERTSEN AS. The new company is based on Reinertsen's proud history of oil and gas, where we for over 35 years carried out large complex projects for the oil and gas companies. This covered engineering, design, planning, construction and installation of oil and gas facilities on both subsea and topside.

We provided services throughout the value chain from feasibility studies to execution and operation, and we performed major EPCI contracts while also having MMo responsibility on many of the platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Many of the most experienced colleagues have joined the new companies. In addition, several specialists who previously worked for Equinor and NTNU have joined REINERTSEN New Energy.

The experience from executing oil and gas projects is an important basis for further efforts, where we have an ambition to contribute to reduced climate emissions in the production of emission-free hydrogen, as well as emissions from the production and use of oil and gas. In the transition to new forms of energy, we use our extensive expertise and experience to deliver studies, engineering and project management within subsea and process plants, but with a special focus on reduced CO₂ foot-print.

Our experience from both topside and subsea enables us to see the entire field development solution in context, and to find the most effective low-emission solutions, we typically make the following assessments:

Modifications to offshore processing plants have been a core business, and our engineers have experience in implementing the following EPCI projects; Maria to Kristin, Oseberg Delta 2, Heidrun LPP, Svalin (Grane), Heidrun LPP, Njord LPP & Hyme, Troll B gas injection, Morvin and Tyrihans, Heimdal NPG, Oseberg Delta and Skirne Byggve (Heimdal).