Ethical rules and social responsibility

In REINERTSEN New Energy we are concerned with our appearance and behavior as coworkers and managers. It is important to maintain a high ethical standard in all our activities, regardless of location, function or occasion. The employees in REINERTSEN New Energy shall operate in a business culture that is characterized by openness, trust, honesty, integrity and respect. In this lies the understanding that REINERTSEN New Energy is an important social actor that takes its surroundings into account when conducting business activities.

It is important to have a high standard of business ethics for all our activity. REINERTSEN New Energy has established a set of ethical rules which are based on our business culture, ensuring that all employees act in accordance with the same values. The rules are an integral part of the company's management system and apply to all employees, board members, subcontractors, and everyone who acts on behalf of REINERTSEN New Energy. A guideline has been designed with examples and dilemmas that complement the business ethics rules. REINERTSEN New Energy's ethical requirements are based on the company's core values: AMBITIOUS, COMPETENT, ACTIVE and RESPONSIBLE.


REINERTSEN New Energy implements legislation regarding the environment and improvement of environment efficiency. Our management system is designed in accordance with the requirements of the environmental standard ISO 14001.